Fox & Universal screw over Netflix users

Are you a Netflix user? I am, it’s pretty awesome, especially that instant streaming thing.

A while ago Warner Bros. decided that Netflix was hurting their profits on new DVD purchases. They decided that Netflix wouldn’t get the new WB releases until 28 days after the original release date.

Now Fox and Universal have joined in on the fail. Want to see Avatar when it releases on April 22? Too bad, you better go buy it because Netflix isn’t getting it until May!

Now this sounds like a lot of bad news, there is a bit of win in this screw over. In the deal with Warner Bros. Netflix managed to secure more from the back catalog for the Instant Streaming feature. Fox and Universal have both agreed to do this.

That probably explains why 7 seasons of the Jack Bauer epic 24 are all available to stream…

Source: Consumerist


Now you can buy Microsoft points the way they should be!

In Microsoft’s attempt to siphon more cash out of players, the pricing for Microsoft points wasn’t even. Meaning if you had 350 points and needed 400 point to buy a game you had to buy at least 500 points.

While this helps, it’s not a perfect solution. At least now once you get your point total to a zero balance you can buy only what you need. Now if they would let us buy the exact amount of points.

I wonder what 1 Microsoft point would be worth?

Source: Kotaku

Towers on Tumblr

Holy Alliteration Batman!

Help me get my design printed on Threadless! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Yeah, so they declined it…It’s now in the critique section. Go vote for it and give comments!

Whoa, deja vu…Yeah, I know I already posted this. So no I haven’t run out of ideas. I submitted this design to Threadless. You know, the t-shirt website? All I need from you is to go to this link and give it a high score so it can get printed.It may take a couple days for the voting to start on the design, so if it’s not up when you try, please, PLEASE go back later!

Thanks for helping me out if you spare me a few clicks of a mouse. If not, that’s cool, just know I’ve got two good kidneys and you might need one someday*…

*Nick’s kidneys are not up for trade or sale, sorry

Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer

They seem to want to focus on the fact they used the same technology used in Avatar. Maybe because they realize Resident Evil movies suck. You can’t fault them too much, at least they added characters from RE5, so they at least saw pictures or something…

This looks like they remade Ultraviolet and added people with busted open faces.

Cheeseburger Josh [NSFW]

Are we done fighting?

What are birds really saying?

I’m probably paraphrasing. Click here for big.